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Publication | 2004-06
FAG Traction Motor Bearings and INA Plain Spherical Bearings in “Combino®“ Articulated Low-Floor Tramcars


Photo: Siemens AG

FAG traction motor bearing supports and INA spherical plain bearings in Combino® low-level articulated railcars

The Combino motorized bogie with both drive assemblies mounted on the outside, is characterized by a low center of gravity, minimized unsprung masses and improved driving dynamics compared with conventional low-level chassis due to longitudinal coupling of the wheels.

The mechanical decoupling of the opposing wheel pairs means that the additional longitudinal skid affected by wear during cornering is also reduced. The SF30-TF motorized bogie which is designed for 10 t axle load is driven by two state-of-the-art IGBT motor inverters, low-wear three-phase asynchronous traction engines and a 32-bit drive control unit. Low vehicle weight (1,100 kg per meter) and brake energy recovery mean an improvement in energy consumption.

The individual railcar bodies of the power cars are linked together in the center. The lower joint (angular-contact spherical plain bearing) supports all dynamic and static loads of the railcar bodies and the so-called sedan (does not have its own bogie). The upper joint (radial spherical plain bearing) ensures that the railcar body does not tilt away to the side.

FAG supplies the current isolated bearings for the traction motors for the Combino low-level articulated railcars developed by Siemens. INA supplies the bearings for the vehicle joint.


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